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Klauenberg Retirement Solutions, LLC's Wealth Management program helps you understand your estate planning goals and objectives and develop a plan of action. With this plan of action you will be better equipped to sit with an estate planning attorney knowing what you want to accomplish.

Leaving a Legacy is more than just transferring wealth

The 2005 Allianz American Legacies Study found that although retirees were uncomfortable discussing the one-dimensional topic of leaving an “inheritance,” they embraced the idea of leaving a “legacy,” because it captures all facets of an individual’s life, including family traditions and history, life stories, values, and wishes.

The study showed that there were four pillars that support true and successful legacy strategies.

  1. Values and life stories
  2. Instructions and wishes to be fulfilled
  3. Personal possessions of emotional value
  4. Financial assets and real estate

For more information on Estate Planning or Legacy Planning or for a copy of the Allianz American Legacy Study click here.