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Asset Management

“Excessive risk cannot be tolerated during the retirement years. As many people experienced during the 2008 financial crisis, a severe drop in investment value of 30, 40, or even 50% can devastate a retirement portfolio. If this happens in the first couple of years of retirement, the retirement lifestyle one dreamed of can be significantly reduced.”

— Jeff Klauenberg, MA, CIS, CFP®

Does your retirement portfolio’s level of risk match your level of comfort?

Is your retirement lifestyle at risk?

Investment Management

During your working years you were accumulating your wealth. Since you were adding investment assets on a regular basis through your retirement accounts, market swings and “Bear Markets,” although not desired, were tolerated. Risk was usually rewarded. You were at least buying more shares. Now that you are in retirement and beginning to withdraw from your retirement accounts, losses cannot be as easily tolerated. Risk is now a hindrance and needs to be managed.

Klauenberg Retirement Solutions, LLC has been actively managing retirement portfolios since 1990. Through our extensive wealth management experience of using a prudent and disciplined approach that emphasizes containing risk, we manage your assets in order to help you have the freedom to enjoy life. The amount of risk you are comfortable with, your “risk number,” is established and your investments are managed to maintain that level of risk throughout market cycles.

Klauenberg Retirement Solutions, LLC does not believe in selling you a “balanced” portfolio of investments and then leaving them to weather the market cycles expecting their values to return “in the future,” Active Management is not short-term trading. It is the process of constantly watching over your retirement assets and making strategic adjustments only when needed. Our Discretionary Investment Management allows you to delegate the day-to-day investment management and decision making to Klauenberg Retirement Solutions, LLC.  The cornerstone of the plan is your Investment Policy Statement which provides information on how your investments will be managed.  It is a guide to understanding your portfolio and investment style and is based on your investment time horizon, risk tolerance, investing objectives, and personal financial profile.  The Investment Policy Statement summarizes your investment goals and describes how Klauenberg Retirement Solutions, LLC will professionally, actively manage your portfolio on a daily basis to assist you in achieving your goals.  You can feel comfortable that your wealth is being monitored daily, no matter where you are, giving you the freedom and confidence to enjoy your retirement.

Through your personal, secure Wealth Management website, you are able to view and monitor your assets and portfolio performance on a daily basis from anywhere.