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Retirement Income Planning

The Challenge: optimizing Social Security and converting your retirement assets into a regular paycheck that you can count on to fund your retirement lifestyle.

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Healthcare Planning

The Challenge: covering your healthcare needs cost efficiently while protecting your assets and lifestyle.

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Asset Management

The Challenge: managing your investable assets to cover your income and growth needs, while maintaining an investment risk level that is within your comfort zone.

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Legacy Planning

The Challenge: leaving your hard earned wealth to the people and causes that are important to you in a tax efficient and legally appropriate manner.

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Welcome to Klauenberg Retirement Solutions

Klauenberg Retirement Solutions is an independent retirement wealth management firm. We specialize in managing all aspects of retirement and wealth transfer for pre-retirees (within ten years of retirement), retirees, and family-owned businesses. Our goal is to strive for a “disaster-proof” retirement through a disciplined approach to managing risk, income, assets, and estate transfer. Our focus is on asset management, income planning, health care options including Medicare supplements, long-term care, final expense, legacy, and estate planning.

By being independent, we can provide fee-based financial planning services to our clients free from the conflict of interests of institutional asset managers and are able to maintain full objectivity throughout the financial planning and investment process. Our clients’ best interests always come first as we act as their fiduciary.

Life is dynamic and ever changing. As your wealth grows, your financial lives become increasingly complex and you can be faced with an array of complicated decisions every day. Financial decisions need to be made about taxes, retirement, business, investments, children, and aging parents; all of which can be time consuming and overwhelming. That’s where we, Klauenberg Retirement Solutions, come in. We do not focus on just one financial area, such as investments or insurance. We are a team of experts who specialize in providing customized Comprehensive Wealth Management Services. By focusing on the total picture it helps lead to a more predictable experience. By being your total Retirement Planning Partner, we help you focus on the more important things in retirement while we focus on “making the retirement years comfortable and enjoyable” for you.

Successful Wealth Management during retirement is a process, not a onetime event. Securing one’s retirement, particularly in uncertain times, requires continuous oversight by an integrated team of professionals who are also able to provide insightful advice and timely execution against an agreed upon set of goals. With a Certified Financial Planner (CFP professional) who is also a Certified Income Specialist (CIS), a Certified Retirement Counselor (CRC),  and the ability to coordinate your program with attorneys and accountants*, you will always be prepared should the economic environment or your personal circumstances change. If life is ever changing, shouldn’t your wealth management plan reflect that?

*Provided through a networking arrangement.

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We Offer Personalized Retirement Plans to Match Your Comfort Zone and Lifestyle

One plan or strategy does not fit all retirements. At Klauenberg Retirement Solutions, we specialize in tailoring your retirement solution to your particular comfort level and lifestyle. No matter what shape your retirement is in we will find a solution that fits you.

The best place to start is to find out what you are comfortable with.


Strategies for Risk Numbers below 50

  • Is losing money in the market of greater concern than the growth of your assets?
  • Is a steady and consistent stream of income more important than an income that may be higher but fluctuates?
  • You are uncomfortable with the idea that your money might lose value.

Strategies for Risk Numbers above 50

  • You feel that you have enough income that you can rely on.
  • You are interested in long-term growth of your investments.
  • You are comfortable with fluctuations in the value of your investments.